HPW Plus Elastomers Address High-Wear Situations that Occur in High-Solids and High Torque Use

ABACO’s HPW Plus elastomers are 20% more wear resistant than HPW and boast added technical enhancements that boost fluid resistance and endurance limit. HPW Plus elastomers are designed to improve power output and reliability of the power section in situations that occur in high wear and high temperature environments. 


  • HPW Plus is designed to have long life under continuous load
  • Improved wear resistance to high drilling solids
  • Fluid resistance is improved over HPW

High Power Output Elastomer

HPW Plus meets or exceeds the high bar set by HPW power output required for demanding drilling applications and customer expectations

Increased Endurance at Steady Power Demand

  • Capacity of rubber to survive repeated load cycle is increased
  • Tested extensively in both WBM and OBM to refine load bearing capability
  • 2x to 3x increase in life for heavily loaded steady state conditions